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Find your balance, space and Energy by joining one of Mickey’s classes in West London

Where can I Start?

These sessions are a practical combination of healing, yoga, breathwork and meditation. A complete practice that gives you a set of skills that help you set goals for your mind, body, relationships, business, career, finances.

When you train your body and mind to work together, there’s no stopping you.

Your Potential

your Plan

Yoga works on many levels; the physical, psychological, and energetic. All Yoga and breathwork  practice is a  preparation for life, for the obstacles that we face on our journey.

Breathwork, Yoga and Self Mastery. Commitment, intention, assign time to reach your goals. Life is all to play for, everything and anything is possible when you get your mind and body to work together.

So come join us Mickey’s classes are fun and liberating for all levels of fitness and experience.


1:1 Session
with Mickey

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved complimentary therapy that works on the principal that the body can heal itself.

Pranic Healing & Breathwork

1:1 Session
with Mickey

£ 60
  • Mickey combines powerful techniques to dispel current issues that can contribute to feeling unwell, unfit for life both physically and mentally and give you a programme to make life better.


Mindfulness, intention, liberation and movement. Join one of Mickeys group classes because one you start moving, the rest is much easier to pin down.

Yoga Group Class

Every Friday 10:30 - 11:30
at the Dojo

£ 15
  • Mindfulness, intention, liberation, and movement. Join one of Mickey's group classes because one you start moving, the rest is much easier to pin down.


1:1 Session
with Mickey

NEW Personal training the yoga way.

Rejuvenate for real, shape up and get fit for life forever. Your mind, your thoughts, your body. Tune up the vehicle that drives you around your life because once you start moving the rest is much easier to pin down. Beauty is a radiance, a glow that comes from within, an energy beyond the physical

Self Mastery
Mind and Body

1:1 Session
In Person & Online

£ 60
  • Your goals are already in sight, this practice will help you reach them. Mickey’s individual sessions are specific to you and the life you deserve, on and off the mat.

Yoga in its modern incarnation

combines the influence of Indian Hatha Yoga, Chinese Daoist practices and Western science to improve our health on many levels.

Recent Government studies have shown that yoga has proven medical benefits for high blood pressure, heart disease, back ache, as well as depression and stress.

Mickey is an International certified yoga teacher specialising in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa with over 25 years of practice.

Yin Yoga mobilises and strengthens our joints

ligaments and deep fascial networks. The Emphasis on long -held passive positions which stress the deeper connective tissue.

Vinyasa yoga is a strength building practice, creating heat. Can be fast paced, offers great physical challenges as well as flexibility. The Yang to the Yin.

Immediate results can be achieved with private yoga sessions created specifically to you, for total beginners or to deepen a practice on your own

These sessions can also be booked for corporate events, team building weekends and wellness at work programmes.

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